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Day 103: UOPETA seems well...

     I've just spent the last few minutes almost pleading with COLUS to allow us to go out and search for the second lot of portals, but he has "put his foot down" and refused. He's locked down the hatch as well to ensure we don't sneak out, so I'm stuck here until he says otherwise. His main objection is that UOPETA isn't in any position to be of assistance, but I tried explaining that we got on well without UOPETA. I didn't want to make it sound as though UOPETA was no longer needed, but just that whilst he was out of action, we could still operate with the same efficiency. He still wouldn't hear us out, and maintained that it was safer to go when we were fully operational. That just meant waiting for UOPETA to make a recovery then... We don't know how long that'll be, but after speaking with COLUS, I went to find Amie and ask her about his current status. Going to the lab, I only found OROTHO, buried beneath a load of wooden planks, sticks and glass panes... What was he doing?

"I was intrigued by your 'binocular' idea so I'm thinking of a less resource-intensive alternative with the same level of efficiency... I just can't get these lenses to focus..."

Wow! OROTHO was already working on the idea I suggested. Maybe it was a better one than I had initially thought... But what did he mean by "less resource-intensive"? I know we weren't swimming in materials to be able to make any old thing, but still. Maybe he meant a telescope or something... I suppose that way you use about half of the materials you would normally, and hopefully make more than one! The downside to a pair of binoculars as well is being unable to make the lenses in each of the tubes exactly the same resolution, so each eye would see a slightly different image. Not a very goo thing if we need it for such an important job. Well, let's just hope OROTHO is able to make some headway with it. Before leaving, I asked him where Amie had gone; he pointed me in the direction of UOPETA's room and I left to check on him. I was hoping he would be nearly ready to continue performing his duty again. Let's hope so.

     Once again, UOPETA amazes us all! Speaking to Amie, I learned that UOPETA has either a very deceptive body, or he can heal faster than usual. The small hairline fracture he had on his humerus due to the arrow connecting with it has practically disappeared, and Amie can't understand whether it was there at all... A little worrying if a scientist who can also specialise in basic first aid is unable to determine a fracture or not!

"Well, when I first saw it after removing the arrow head, it was very faint, but definitely there... It could have been a partial fracture that was a few millimetres deep. In which case the time frame would have been sufficient for it to heal, especially if he was resting it, and keeping himself hydrated etc."

"What can I say. I listen to the doctor's advice!"

UOPETA winked at me, and I couldn't help but smile. He had encountered the Creepers, and been injured by the undead, but nothing could impair his spirit!

"The actual wound still needs attention, but I'd say, with a little more rest, he could be ready to go back out into the field tomorrow... Obviously, the status of the wound would alter that if it became infected or hadn't gotten any better. But with the current rate of progress, I'd say he'd be fine by tomorrow, as long as he didn't lean on that arm, or doing anything strenuous with it..."

"Let's just hope we don't encounter any water then!"

I spoke a little more with UOPETA, telling him about the idea for the binoculars I had put forward to OROTHO, and he seemed surprised that he was working on it so quickly. He wasn't complaining though; he said that even if it was simply a small, functioning telescope, that's improve things. We could look at objects from long distances, and make better judgements from afar. I eventually left him to find COLUS and tell him what Amie had told me. I was rather hoping that tomorrow we would be back out looking for portals, back up to full strength. But unfortunately we couldn't do it how we did last time with radios. It was too easy to track us, regardless whether we covered our tracks. It was just easier to stick to a single group, checking each location together. Besides, I don't think it would be wise for UOPETA to go out alone. I eventually found him back in the lab with OROTHO and I told him. He seemed surprised at UOPETA's quick recovery too, but had no objections provided Amie was okay with it. That worked for me! I looked across to OROTHO, who now seemed to be getting somewhere; he was messing around with some odd glass circles, the lenses presumably, and had already constructed a rustic tub from wooden sticks. I could tell he was full engrossed in his work when he had his tonge sticking out, and now was no exception!

     UOPETA is actually up and walking about now. Amie is none too happy about it, but he's reassured her he's fine. It was more of a compromise between them: she allowed him to move around if he kept the sling on. They had both agreed, begrudgingly... COLUS has already asked him if he feels up to going back into the field, and he practically bit his hand off! I think that if any of us are unable to perform our normal duties, we feel like a spare part, and end up either doing nothing, or getting in the way. Admittedly I had yet to find a role that fit into the rest of the group, but going out with UOPETA and THEROS was the time I was happiest... Odd to think that nearly five months ago, when I first arrived in Minecraftia, I was perfectly content with my own company, and no-one else... Five months... I had been here less than half a year and I had already experienced more in that time then in my entire life! I had a feeling though that there was much more to explore and find in this world. So many mysteries that have remained hidden until we stumble upon them. The portals are one of them, who knows how many more secrets are locked away, waiting to be found. I have a feeling though that there is more to this master portal than meets the eye... There is always something more...

Syeonyx signing off

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