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Day 116: New recruit

     We were careful in our approach, in case there were any guards close by guarding it, but the area seemed deserted... What was going on? Why was there a large pile of obsidian on the surface? Surely they can't still be constructing the chamber...? The map indicated this location as a site for a portal chamber...

"The coordinates never really stated anything, nor did the report... Just where the sites were. It's possible it's incomplete."

That's how it seemed. Looking into the chest though, we found only small chunks of obsidian, a few tools, but nothing more... That is how it would seem...Our attention was now drawn to the small amount of light that was emanating from a small set of smooth stone brick stairs. Peering down, and remaining silent, I could neither hear or see anyone, so I began to descend them. UOPETA and THEROS followed close behind. As with many places we had been in before, the stairway was long and narrow, winding around, back upon itself many times.

"What do you suppose we'll find when we get down there?"

"Who knows... It seems whenever there is a portal chamber, there is always smooth stone brick lining the walls, floor and ceiling. I would say they've got as far as constructing the chamber, and are in the process of installing the portals... We'll find out soon enough."

We continued down the stairs, wondering when they would end. They seemed to go on forever, boring into the centre of the very core!

     After some time, the staircase ended, and opened up into a slightly wider corridor, with a brightly lit room at the far end. We were nearly there.

Up ahead, we could hear the sounds of tools striking stone, and men talking, but no portal sounds. Maybe they had barely even started! We moved slowly down the corridor, worried about what we might find at the far end... The volume of the voices and tool striking hard stone increased as we drew closer. We froze at one point, when the talking stopped, and the sounds of working ceased. But they started up again once more, and positive that they weren't aware of our presence, we continued. As we drew closer, the voices became understandable, and it seemed one belonged to a guard, whilst the other to a worker...

"How many portals are to be installed in this one?"


"Fifteen? Have we got enough obsidian for that number?"

"Should have... The brainiacs who gave the quantity for the order seemed to think it was sufficient."

We were practically at the entrance now, and as predicted, there stood a guard and a worker. The worker was breaking larger pieces of obsidian into smaller ones, and slotting them into place, whilst the guard stood on the opposite side of the chamber, beside a partially finished wall.

UOPETA moved beside me, and we crouched to reduce the chances of us being spotted. The guard was too busy watching what the worker was doing, and the worker was too busy working! Drawing his blowpipe, UOPETA cycled a dart into the pipe itself, and moved it to his lips. A sharp high-pitched whistle, and the guard fell clutching his neck. The worker stopped, and looked towards where the guard now lay. He dropped his pickaxe and rushed over to him, checking his pulse. Oddly, UOPETA put away his blowpipe and stepped into the room. The worker looked up, the look of fear upon his face.

"Who are you? What have you done to him?"

"Nothing, he is asleep, and will be for some time. I have some questions to ask of you..."

"Who are you?"

"We are the Lone 7. And we know who you are. You do not work for HoN Co. voluntarily... Do you?"

"No I don't... My name is Joe..."

"And you were a miner? Working for HoN Co.? You completed your seven years training, and were sent to work in your own quadrant? You then found a portal, called in HoN Co., and were captured, and imprisoned in a tower? Am I right?"

"Yes... But how did you..."

"You are looking at three of HoN Co.'s previous captives..."


Me and THEROS stepped out from the entrance, into the main chamber...

"You... How... What... You three are the ones destroying the portals!"

"Oh, there are more of us. Five more in fact. We have been recruiting miners displaced by HoN Co. to expose them to the world, for what they truly are."

"There are more of us... Many more... Working in..."

"An obsidian farm? We know. We've scouted out that place and are working on a plan to destroy it for good. We know of the other workers there. We needed to establish whether they were working under the employ of HoN Co. before doing so..."

"Far from it... We're treated as slaves, although the guards are not as bad when there are no officials or scientists around..."

"How do you mean?"

"The guards... I get the feeling they don't understand what or why they're doing half the stuff they're doing, other than they've been told to... The scientists and officials are the ones that oversee the entire operation..."

"I see... Come with us. We could do with your help."

"Are you sure? How do you know I'm not a HoN Co. spy?"

"I'm an excellent judge of character..."

"Before we go... Hadn't we better destroy the obsidian?"

"Good point... Syeonyx, THEROS? Help Joe destroy the obsidian blocks... We shall leave after you are done..."

Syeonyx signing off

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