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Lone 7 recruiting

     We remained in the chamber for a while longer, destroying the large chunks of obsidian into dust, and smashing the constructed portals to pieces. According to Joe, they would line the chamber walls and entrance with smooth stone brick to protect the chamber from natural intrusions such as springs and caverns. Then, they constructed each portal from scratch, based on the layout of the chamber before hand. After each one was in place, they introduced a source of thermal energy, usually a flare, to the portal, which generated the required energy for the rifts to form. They only did this after every portal had been constructed, rather than after each one. I don't know why, and Joe never elaborated, but I assume HoN Co. had their reasoning... Perhaps it was to prevent the workers and guards coming under attack from creatures that might pass through the Nether into Minecraftia.

"How long have you been doing this then, Joe?"

"A few months... I'd been worked as an official HoN Co. miner for a few years prior to being imprisoned... I found one of these things when excavating a large mass of iron in a cavern. I didn't know what it was to begin with, and it seemed resistant to the tools I had at the time... I called in HoN Co. who seemed to take direct control of the entire operation, forced me out of the way, and when they were done, they took me to a prison... I still don't really know why they imprisoned me. Did you three... I mean, were you three imprisoned?"

"Yes... All of us were. Although we managed to escape before being put to work... How many of you are there?"

"I honestly don't know... I only know of a few, but not by name."

"What about the ones working at the obsidian farm?"

"I've never been there myself. I only know of it because that's where the shipments of obsidian come from. If they've got more imprisoned workers there, we need to help them too!"

"Well that's why we needed to talk to you. We were unable to determine if the workers, like yourself, were under the optional employ of HoN Co., or, as in this case, an imprisoned worker. Now that we know, we can alter our plan..."

"How so?"

"Our initial plan was to flood the entire chamber, destroying the equipment, and essentially killing everyone inside. Now we know we have to evacuate that place before we do so. Our attack is aimed at HoN Co., not its workers. We do not want the loss of innocent lives on our hands!"

We continued talking about the whole plan, and informed Joe as to HoN Co'.s large plan to merge Minecraftia and the Nether, and he couldn't believe it. Admittedly it took me a few moments to try to comprehend what I had just been told at the time too. The conversation lasted some time; we left the chamber behind, and went back to the surface where we then destroyed the remaining obsidian. After that, we headed back towards the boat. We were done for the moment, and we were heading back to base.


     We've introduced Joe to the rest of the team, and as COLUS did with Amie, he's now acting cautious about him too. I can't say I blame him; essentially letting a total stranger into the base of a major target is a little worrying... He insisted on asking him the same sort of questions we asked him; who he was, what was the current situation concerning HoN Co., how many other guards are there, etc. etc. ... He answered them to the best of his abilities, but COLUS was still suspicious.

"So... You eight are all standing against HoN Co.?"

"That's right. We've learned that HoN Co. are utilising portals to open the master portal which will merge the Nether - a dimension full of energy-rich ores and minerals - and Minecraftia. We need to stop them. We've told you everything we know about HoN Co. in the hopes it is enough to get you to side with us, but judging on the alternative, I doubt you have much to think about... Will you join us?"

Joe didn't say anything for some time; he sat there, looking at his palms, and the turning his hands over. After a few moments silence...

"Alright. Alright I'm with you."

"Good... We've told you everything, so I think it's only fair you tell us everything that you know. It doesn't matter how little there is, a small amount of information is a lot better than nothing."

"I'll try..."

"Good. Follow us through to the lab. Syeonyx, THEROS, UOPETA? Take some rest. You may need it..."

Joe stood up, and left with COLUS and Amie towards the lab. I went with THEROS and UOPETA, off to our rooms. I was beat! Hopefully by tomorrow we would have everything settled. Joe would be fully informed, and we would know a bit more about HoN Co.'s operations. We might even be able to start on the obsidian farm, and put it out of action for good!

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