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Giving the bad news...

     We stood there for a moment, wondering how we were going to get through these large, solid, iron doors; they only had a single control unit, and that was placed on the other side. However, a few moments later, we were all put on edge as the large iron door began to slide to one side. Even though we knew that there couldn't be anyone else on the other side apart from one of the others, we still stood away from the door, ready for action. As the door slid fully into the wall, we could see the remaining three security doors sliding into their own respective niches, and behind the final door, OROTHO and COLUS stood. Did they know we were there, or was this something they did before the end of each day...? I don't know. All I know is that we hadn't done anything to alert them to our presence... Except for closing the main entrance to the tunnel. Could that be it...? We began walking towards COLUS and OROTHO as they did the same from their end, eventually meeting in the middle.

"Wasn't expecting you back so soon! Are you done with the portals already?"

"Not quite..."

"What do you mean 'not quite'? I thought there were plenty of coordinates in the books that AMPHIS took with him to decode and help you destroy more of them... What else was in the books then?"

"Well we didn't get a chance to decode all of the books... In fact, we didn't even finish the locations that THEROS appended to the map initially..."

"What? How do you mean? Did you lose the map? Did you lose the books? What? What is it?"

UOPETA just stood there and sighed heavily looking to the ground, as though he was summoning the energy to tell COLUS. Eventually he raised his head and looked around at us, before looking back at COLUS, and began to walk down the tunnel towards the base.

"We've got to talk about something... You're not going to like it... It involves... SERVERE..."

     We all met in the discussion room; me, THEROS, UOPETA, AMPHIS, COLUS, OROTHO, THEXIS, Joe and Amie were seated around the table, with the latter five looking very concerned. Amie and Joe didn't seem as anxious, but then again they had no tie to SERVERE at all, so this news wasn't likely to make much sense to them, let alone have much of an impact. The others however seemed rather concerned about this small amount of information that UOPETA had given in the tunnel. After getting back to the lab, COLUS called a meeting, and everyone rushed to the discussion room immediately; the authority within COLUS's voice was incredibly demanding, and suggested that whatever was about to be discussed was of utmost importance!

"Now UOPETA, what's this about SERVERE? You mentioned him, and you're right, I don't like where this is going..."

"I'm just beginning to wonder where best to start... A few weeks back, AMPHIS stated that he had seen SERVERE down in the chamber close to the wooden shack that led down from the cliff mine shafts. We thought he was mad or losing it, with only a few of us taking him seriously, and even those not nearly as much as we should have done..."

"What do you mean? Have you seen him again AMPHIS?"

"More than that. UOPETA?"

"SERVERE has made himself known to all of us..."

There was a moment of silence, as COLUS tried to take this in, but the look on his face showed the inability to do so. Sitting back in his chair, we watched him visibly wrestle with the concept of a previously deceased friend come back to life.

"You mean you've seen his ghost?"

"Unfortunately not... Not just AMPHIS, but myself, THEROS and Syeonyx have all seen SERVERE in the flesh, walking about. Not only this but... We've spoken to him."


"We encountered him whilst out destroying a portal. He emerged from behind a partially broken obsidian frame, and began to talk to us. He spoke of many things. In fact he was the one doing most of the talking. The rest of us were in too much shock to really respond properly..."

"So, let me get this straight... You four have all seen and spoken to SERVERE? Someone we had thought was dead? But in fact is actually alive and well? How am I supposed to take that exactly...?"

"Well it doesn't get any easier... It seems Syeonyx was right... When we first saw SERVERE, he was concealed by a suit he was wearing... I'm afraid it bore all of the hallmarks of the..."

"Suit of the Elite..."

"That's right OROTHO... SERVERE... He's joined HoN Co. and is apparently aiding us from within cover..."

"You mean to tell me that not only is SERVERE alive, but he's a member of the Elite within HoN Co. and is watching us?"

"I'm afraid if you're not happy with the way that sounds, it only gets worse... He assured us that he was on our side, and has been for over a year, the exact length of time since his absence. He's been distracting HoN Co. from our location and activities for that long, and has taken the glowing stone and map to destroy the remaining portals on it..."

"I know how it sounds COLUS, but you have to believe us. All four of us have seen SERVERE and he's taken the map and glowing stone. It's his map, and he knows where all of the portals he marked in the red books are. He even gave us a task to achieve which would help us, so if you don't believe us now, humour us until we've accomplished it..."

COLUS just sat there completely gob smacked; he didn't say a word, or couldn't. He just sat there staring at table, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. The silence in the room was deafening! We all sat waiting for him to make a decision, to make a move, to say anything! Eventually, he brought his other hand up and clasped them together, interlocking his fingers, and looked into the centre of the table.

"What is this... Task, he gave you?"

"He... He informed us that there is valuable information stored within the book bound with a yellow cover. Some information relating to the Ascension perhaps..."


"We don't know either, but we believe decoding the yellow-bound book will reveal that..."

"... Very well... But you had better be right about this. Get to it now. I need some time to... Mull all of this over..."

COLUS quietly and calmly stood up and walked over to the entrance to our rooms. The rest of us looked around at each other, before standing up and heading straight for the lab. We had to find what was contained within that yellow book!

Syeonyx signing off

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