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Sandy tracks

     Judging from the position of the sun in the sky, it was past midday by the time we left the small desert area. We had already walked quite a distance so far today, and the next portal wasn't close to where we currently had been. That meant another long walk... We would be leaving the sandy desert area for all of about an hour before jumping straight back into another, only this time it was much larger. I was definitely expecting a rise in temperature there, but then again it would be getting late by that time, so the temperature may already be going down for the night. As the next one appeared to be located on a small sandy outcropping, adjacent to a large body of water, UOPETA felt that it would be easier to head South East rather than South. That way we hit the shore before getting to the portal. This will help to hide us from anyone or anything that might be looking for us, and makes finding the portal site easier.

"I'm beginning to wonder what's going on with HoN Co. to be honest... They don't seem all that interested in finding us and stopping us. I would have thought we'd have more trouble than this getting about destroying portals."

"Every time we get cocky, we jinx it, so not another word! Someone always ends up mentioning the lack of security or HoN Co. interest in us, and all of a sudden, something bad happens."

I could agree with that! Countless times that had happened, but there was nothing in it. There was no such thing as luck or fate, so randomly mentioning our "lucky streak" at not being found wouldn't effect anything. I never did buy into the whole cosmic phenomenon really. It didn't make any sense. It made it that I had no control over my own life, and the direction I was heading in. I was my own person, and the choices I make are the ones that effect my future, not some nonsense about predetermined destiny!

"Maybe not... But you have to admit... It's eerie..."

"If we get attacked by a bunch or Creepers or killed by HoN Co. guards, I'm blaming you!"

"I'd like to see you do that when you're dead..."

We continued off to the South East, finally entering the next desert area, beginning to feel a slight increase in the temperature. Let's hope it didn't get too hot. Then again, deserts were meant to be freezing during the night, so let's also hope we move out before nightfall.

     We'd been walking for a few hours now, and the sun had begun to set, throwing beautiful colours and hues into the sky. Our shadows lengthened as we marched ever forward towards the next portal, and it wasn't long before we reached the right place. We had been following the rise and fall of the hills along the shore close to the water, hoping to catch a glimpse of anything up ahead that might indicate the portal is close. After heading over the top of another hill, looking down to the East, we could make out the purple light of a portal, clashing with the setting sun.

Ensuring the coast was clear, UOPETA began to move forward, followed closely by me and THEROS. Right on the edge of a sandy bank flanked on two sides by water, was an active portal. Only a standard one, it was better than the previous one, as it meant its destruction had an impact, even if it was just a small one. We quickly removed it using the glowing stone, and clambering back up to the top of a small, sandy hill, UOPETA began to look around for a place to settle.

"It's too late to look for the next one. There's always tomorrow for that... Then again, we could head in the general direction and hope we find something along the way."

"That's probably the better option. No use on going off our path."

The next portal we were heading to was due East, across a sandy crossing to a lush, open field. Or that's what the map denoted at least. We headed towards the crossing, able to see the trees off in the distance, and the beginnings of fresh grass. As we walked though, UOPETA began to slow down. Worried, I asked him what was wrong. If he felt on edge again, that was usually a bad sign... For all of us.

"I thought I saw movement up ahead, but... There's nothing there... Not anymore anyway..."

Maybe it was just a random animal or something...


THEROS's exclamation made me jump, whereas UOPETA continued to stare off into the distance. Moving back to where THEROS was, I looked down to where he was pointing. What were they...? Were they...? More of them? We eventually managed to break UOPETA away from his distraction, and showed him what THEROS had found.

"Footprints? Are those ours?"

"Nope... We didn't come this way... Either something's following us, or we're following it..."

Syeonyx signing off

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