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Day 149: Two down, three to go...

     No nightmare last night! Although I can't tell if that's a good thing or not... The previous times I've had them they've been so vivid that they've been impossible to forget. The amount of detail I could retain even hours after I'd woken up was remarkable, so it was highly unlikely I would have forgotten having one last night. I don't know whether that means more than the actual dreams do... I was expecting to have a different ending this time around, but at least I was able to wake up calmly. Being the first to wake up this time, I set the remains of the fire from last night going again before beginning to cook a small portion of our supplies that we had left. A few minutes later, THEROS and THEXIS woke up, pretty much at the same time. Once we had breakfasted the small amounts of bread and meat we had rationed ourselves, we packed up and set off to begin another day's exploring.

Instead of heading directly down the stairs we had ascended, we decided it would make more sense to explore the area just around the corner from the tower. Shortly after setting up the camp last night, we realised the tower was actually connected to a small section of passage that led away into further darkness. We had left it until today to explore as we didn't want to tempt fate. We set off along the corridor, expecting it too to split into numerous pathways and passages to further confuse us, but instead it remained a straight, unbroken pathway heading further and further away. It wasn't long however until we did have to stop; instead of a crossroads, the passage ended rather abruptly at another massive plummeting drop. Peering over the edge whilst hanging onto the wall, I felt slightly nauseous at how high we actually were... Either that, or the horrid prospect of having to suffer an incredibly high fall before landing in molten lava! I couldn't tell what was worse: the death from the lava, or the long wait whilst to fell, waiting to hit the lava's surface...

"Back the way we came then... These dead-ends aren't as bad as you think. It means we're making progress, as the more tunnels and passages we mark off as being the wrong direction the closer we get to where we want to be."

We set off back down the very long passage back to the top of the tower where we then descended the stairs back into the base of the main structure. From there we headed down the one corridor that wasn't completely lit up, where we hadn't managed to explore yet. Once again, the corridor split up into a series of alternate passages and it was becoming easier and easier to get lost if we weren't using the torches. Luckily we had a plentiful supply and they provided both light and direction for us.

"What are the chances that HoN Co. has reached one of these places before us?"

"It depends... If they've only recently arrived here, then they're likely to have been occupied with constructing that massive base before setting off looking for anything. Then again, if they've had time to experiment..."

"Well it doesn't matter too much if they have got one or more of the remaining ones, as without the one we have they cannot open the portal to The End. At least we have that to fall back on. If we find any more then that's even better. If we can find them all then brilliant!"

"True, but I have no idea how we'll prepare for a journey to The End. We have no idea what to expect! How do we even know if these Endermen are on our side? What if it's a trick?"

"How do you mean? Like the Endermen are using us to escape The End?"

"Exactly! What if they were trapped their by some other ancient creature and then the Eyes of Ender were used to seal it and then protected by the Guardians...? It's definitely something we'll have to consider..."

"Yeah, but how do we prove it? How can we be... Another one?"

We stopped and looked where THEROS was looking; another staircase led up to a higher floor, with the strange mushroom things growing around the edge. This place was beginning to confuse and infuriate us all, and it didn't help when it was essentially a maze that worked on multiple levels too!

Ascending the stairs to the top, we were surprised to find an entirely new level with a roof over the top. We were expecting to find a small tower or a dead-end, but instead it led straight into another passageway that continued further on. Continuing along the passageway, we reached the end where it then sharply turned off to the right, where we hit exactly what we were looking for! Before us, the passage continued on a small way before opening up into the a similarly designed room to the first one we found. As we drew closer, I realised that the room was likely to be exactly the same; it was almost perfectly circular in shape, with a strange fenced off basin in the centre, flanked on either side by two Affinitas cages. We reached the entranceway and stopped, none of us daring to go any further...

"We're going to need to be careful about this. Those cages are capable of spawning Guardians into this world... We don't know how or when that happens, but we can't risk spending too much time in there."

"Last time it seemed they were spawned the moment we took the Eye from the basin in the centre... So it seems that the simplest solution would be for one of us to go in and take it, while the other two remain here. We need to be ready to run pretty quickly."

"I think you should go and take it this time; Syeonyx got the last one, and I'm the only one who's likely to remember the correct route out of this place. When you take it, run and follow me exactly! We can't afford to become split up."

"I don't like it, but we don't have any other choice..."

THEXIS moved into the centre of the room and looked around nervously. Bending down, he kept looking to the left and right at the cages, before reaching down and slowly taking the Ender Eye from the basin. Lifting it out, THEXIS stood up abruptly and stood staring at the cages. Nothing happened... We motioned for him to come over, but he remained where he was. Then the smoke began to appear; swirling smog began to seep from the bars of the cage and circle the room.


I waited for THEXIS to start running before following THEROS out the way we had come, back down the passageway. THEROS didn't stop for what seemed like ages; we continued back down the stairs to the lower floor, winding our way back around a seemingly infinite maze of passages. Once we reached the entrance, we headed back across the bridge that had taken us to the structure, and didn't stop until we reached the far side. Once back on the Nether stone, we stopped suddenly, all bent double trying to catch our breath...

"That... That was too close... Phew... I hope this gets easier, although... Although I'm not holding up any high hopes..."

Syeonyx signing off

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