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Day 157: The Plan

     Fortunately I woke up feeling a lot happier and more confident this morning, in stark contrast to how I went to bed last night. I felt like I was ready to give in, but this morning I felt imbued with a new sense determination! We were going to be successful in retrieving the two Ender Eyes that HoN Co. had managed to take before us! We would successful avoid death or capture and make it to the portal with all five Ender Eyes! We would be successful in taking the Keystone and using it against the master portal! We would be successful in bringing the entirety of HoN Co. to its knees! After thinking that though, a small part of me tried to resurrect the "why" question, but I quickly stamped it down and maintained an upbeat attitude. We had a lot to sort out still until we were ready to leave, and we had a day to do it in. Luckily SERVERE didn't just come armed with bad news yesterday; he brought expansion modules for the PDA's that allowed them to capture images through optical lens and send them to neighbouring PDA's at will. That would prove very useful when we had to split up as it might save us from running into guard patrols that we hadn't previously known about. Unfortunately SERVERE was unable to gain access to any guard patrol route documents or rosters, so we would have to deal with them with no intel. It wasn't like we hadn't done it before, only just not on this scale... I had woken before Amie again today, but I stayed in bed with her until she awoke. Once we were both up, we went to wake the others, all of which were still asleep apart from OROTHO and COLUS, but we could have predicted that anyway...


     Once everyone was up, we had a quick talk with everyone assembled in the discussion room before diverging off and preparing our allocated requirements. Me and Amie had become sidelined a little by the rifles and left our duties to determine the possible threats that we were likely to encounter. But thankfully SERVERE was able to confirm or deny the ones we had listed and add a few of his own. We knew that biometrics were unlikely to be an issue unless we had a need to head into one of the cell labs. CCTV was likely to be our biggest threat as with guards walking around, as well as scientists and other civilians, it wouldn't make sense to have motion sensors or infra-red. With the threat assessment made and finished, we joined OROTHO in the lab once more, helping with the final rifle. I helped Amie with the main body whilst OROTHO busied himself making two additional scopes. We also had about four additional springs to each rifle spare, just in case there was a need to replace any. Hopefully there wouldn't be, but we knew how the system worked, and it was better to be prepared than to not be at all. Things had started to become serious now and we couldn't mess around at such a late stage. Everything had to be complete and coordinated and organised. We all had to know what everyone else was doing and where they were, especially when we were at the HQ. COLUS had yet to still point out to us where the HQ was in relation to our base, but I got the impression that he'll be telling us tonight.

"From what I can make out, it's way off to the West somewhere... THEROS has managed to have a look and he remembers the location for when he had to draw it. Only he says he can't remember seeing the HQ there at the time..."

"That doesn't make any sense... I thought SERVERE had said their headquarters had been there for years? How could THEROS not have seen it...? It's a HoN Co. HQ!!"

"Well it's obvious the base was there when THEROS investigated the place for the map, but maybe it was hidden from view or something..."

"What can hide an entire building?!?!?"

"Well you know the Elite guards have stealth capabilities with their suits...? Maybe HoN Co. got creative..."

"Let's hope not... For everyone's sake..."

We finished the rifle and performed the necessary tests on them to ensure that it functioned as fully as the other three. We had decided it would be best to utilise all four of the rifles as there was no sense in leaving it behind. We had made it, we might as well use it especially considering it worked perfectly first time around. After we finished, we spent an hour or so making a surplus of darts and arranging them into pre-made magazines. We were doing that for about an hour before COLUS came to see us and called us up to the discussion room for another meeting. This was going to be the final one before we headed out tomorrow.

     Seated around the table, we all listened intently to everything that COLUS was saying; he had summed up all of the data and research everyone had collated over the past few days and was now informing everyone else about it. OROTHO gave a quick demonstration with the rifle, ensuring that we could all use one if the moment came where someone else had to take over. Afterwards COLUS chose the four that would be wielding one to protect the others. I was one of them. UOPETA, COLUS and OROTHO were the other three. He then divided us into groups, going with the equal teams approach. I was teamed up with THEROS and Amie. OROTHO went along with Joe and AMPHIS. COLUS was with THEXIS and UOPETA. UOPETA had volunteered to go it alone and scout out the area ahead, provided he kept the rifle, but COLUS insisted we stay together in the groups we were allocated. Chiron was to come with me, and Hermes was to go with AMPHIS's group. We knew our place and we knew our goal. We were to infiltrate the base from different directions: with the layout on the PDA's COLUS had already established multiple points of entry. Once inside, we acted individually to find the five extensions from the main building and informed the others as and when any of us found them.

"If you infiltrate the extensions successfully and manage to find an Eye of Ender there, take it and retreat to a safe distance. We need to ensure that they can't capture all of us, and we can reduce that by taking ourselves out the equation at the right time. When you find one, communicate with the others before doing so. If two teams find them, the third must retreat automatically to an arranged point."

COLUS took out the map and passed it around showing us all where the base was located. As it made its way around to me, he continued on about how much of a journey it would be; apparently the distance covered would be extreme, stretching across the length of one entire map before reaching the outer edge of the island. When I heard that word, I froze. Island? He continued on about how it was essentially a massive jungle in the middle of the sea. As it came to OROTHO, he looked at it, an understanding look crossing his face.

"There you go Amie. Where better to hide a base than in the middle of a jungle!"

OROTHO passed it to me and I looked at it. At first I was just sizing up the area trying to get a feel for the terrain we would be encountering, but it was pointless considering the location of the HQ. Off to the North, in the centre of the area was a large mass of green which I took to be the location indicated. Everywhere else seemed to be white, as though it was a snowy tundra, and I had a hard time trying to imagine a jungle surrounded by snow...

"Everyone get some rest now. We're heading out incredibly early tomorrow to avoid the chance of us being detected. Remember they're still likely to be watching this place, so we'll be leaving via the tunnel that leads to the tower. Luckily for us it heads in the direction we need to go anyway. Tomorrow we set off to take HoN Co. down!"

Syeonyx signing off

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